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Moon quincunx Saturn

Compromise needed

Kelli Fox

This is a tricky influence to deal with, but one that could teach both of you a lot about yourselves as well as about the way that you function as a couple. Emotional security is an issue between you; you won't always feel entirely emotionally fulfilled, and respond by withdrawing, possibly repressing emotions to avoid the difficult work of dealing with them. This relationship also might bring up past issues for you concerning your parents, especially your father.

As a kid, you probably had to compromise yourself and what you wanted out of life in order to serve your father or your parents; but now you're an adult, and you don't want that same parental influence in your romantic relationships! That's understandable, but you shouldn't overlook this opportunity for growth and understanding. It might be that this aspect between you encourages you to look closely at yourself, your life and your emotions, and to deal with issues long ignored. Compromise, after all, is essential to any relationship -- between parents and children or between two lovers trying to forge a relationship as equals. Depression and feelings of being restricted by your lover in this relationship is a natural response to this energy between you, but it doesn't have to be the only response. You could take this as a learning experience, and find out where you're actually holding yourself back.

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