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Moon quincunx Pluto

A different emotional language

Kelli Fox

You may end up feeling dissatisfied with the way you connect emotionally -- or with the way you fail to connect. This may not be apparent at first, but over time, you may have started to realize that you just don't speak the same language emotionally. You seek a certain level of security that just isn't recognized or supported by your lover.

You want to make a real and satisfying emotional connection, but that is difficult because they are always trying to control you emotionally. Where you want simplicity and easy comfort, they want intensity and magnetism -- and could even resort to manipulation to spark those feelings! You may end up realizing you just can't get as close as you thought you would. Trust may be an issue between you due to this troublesome aspect; you'll grow so used to having your feelings hurt and defending yourself that you might forget how to relate on a normal, uncomplicated, positive level. If you want this relationship to last, you both have to make some adjustments in what you expect of the other on an emotional level. Gradual compromise and getting to know each other as the people you really are, rather than whoever you might wish you were, will be key in making this work.

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