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Moon opposite Venus

Emotional stimulation

Kelli Fox

When your partner is moody, you both feel moody. When they feel irritated and upset, you are both affected by that fractious energy. You find that your emotional lives are closely linked, for better or for worse.

You have the ability to influence each other in a positive way, of course, but your partner is also able to bring you down relatively easily. If they're prone to irritation or discontent, you can expect plenty of arguments and grumpy silences, because that quality only magnifies in this relationship. This kind of energy isn't all bad, though; this relationship is also characterized by a lot of creativity. There is a certain amount of emotional stimulation happening on a regular basis that could lead to great things. However, it may also wear you both out! If you both consciously try to channel your energy into more positive areas, this could work between you, but it takes effort on both your parts. Focusing on creative projects together helps; even just helping each other paint your living room walls a new color will be a fun project that fosters the more positive energy that's possible between you. Unconditional love is definitely a possibility, and one that should be worked toward; but don't be surprised if there are plenty of bumps along the way.

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