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Moon opposite Moon

An emotional roller coaster

Kelli Fox

You may find that, while you don't always respond to life's experiences in exactly the same way emotionally, your responses are complementary. This can be a positive thing, but it could also be a difficult influence for your relationship. Your combined emotions could operate like a seesaw -- whenever one of you is up, the other is down, and vice versa.

Whoever's down could bring the other down with them, and you could both end up feeling like you're on an emotional roller coaster. The good news is, this kind of complementary, opposing energy can create a very interesting, stimulating attraction between you that finds expression on a sexual level as well as in other ways. While you might not always be comfortable one with the other, you should share a compelling bond, one that draws each of you in and keeps you interested. All that is needed to keep you on a more even keel is a little give and take. If you can both understand the fact that you are not often be on the same wavelength, you'll be able to accept one another's differences -- and you'll be all the more pleased on the rare occasion that your responses do match up!

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