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Moon opposite Jupiter

A mirror of the past

Kelli Fox

As happens with many romantic relationships, this one serves as a mirror of your past. This is an uncomfortable experience or an enlightening one, or both; but you have had your past revealed to you in some surprising ways! Old, hidden hurts are healed with the generosity and good will you'll find in this relationship.

When you travel together, the experiences you share while abroad or on the road will further enlighten you, bringing you closer together while simultaneously deepening your own relationship with yourself. The only problem might be that you've come to expect and rely on the positive energy derived from this relationship so much that you actually begin to take it for granted, or even take advantage of it. The danger with this is that you start to depend overmuch on the emotional support you get when you're with your lover, and you end up feeling weaker when you're apart -- even though you were fine before the two of you ever met. You delude yourself into thinking you can't do without your lover. Reality intrudes sooner or later, and you're really disappointed to find that this person whom you've made out to be your emotional savior is actually as insecure and easy to upset as you are. For this reason, you shouldn't be too emotionally dependent on your lover, even though your urge is to be close on all levels.

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