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Moon conjunct Uranus

A roller-coaster ride

Kelli Fox

Settling down in a traditional relationship might not be possible for you two -- there are just too many sparks flying around to allow you any rest! So why not enjoy it while it lasts? This aspect lends your relationship a really interesting, unusual quality that should hold your interest for some time.

The way you first meet will probably be a unique and different experience for both of you, and will live on as a great story to tell your friends! The attraction between you is both magnetic and original; you feel drawn to this person in a strange way, and your attraction could easily grow to fascination. Despite all this great energy that flows between you, it might be too electric and unstable for a regular, long-term relationship. If you depend on your lover too closely, they resist the dependency and probably run in the opposite direction. It's as if they instinctively know the relationship won't survive being boxed into any kind of traditional format; you might try to make that happen, but they'll resist it in the end. That's perfectly fine. Some relationships aren't meant to last a long time or to take the usual dating-love-marriage route. Instead, they're meant to shake things up, to act like an injection of adrenaline into your life and heart! That's just what this relationship is for you, so enjoy it while it lasts and take it as an exhilarating learning experience.

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