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Moon conjunct Sun

Individuality and sensitivity

Kelli Fox

For the most part, you are very much in tune. You feel a strong emotional bond with your lover that is highly supportive and beneficial for them. The amount or type of support could vary, based on each of your individual natures.

You will naturally be more giving and sympathetic, and is the one who provides more generous support of a purely emotional nature; you always lend your partner a sympathetic ear and make sure your home is comfortable and welcoming, a safe haven for you both to retreat to. They, on the other hand, are more strong-willed and determined in nature than you are, and will provide you with a more protective type of support, working hard to make sure you both have plenty of financial security or other resources. Your bond exists on an intuitive level. You both want to make the other feel well-loved -- which has a different meaning for each of you -- and you each strive toward that goal in your own ways. Though your definitions of love and support may differ, you generally are able to get your meaning across to your partner. You both sense the fact that you are enabled through this relationship to grow as an individual. There's a lot of love between you, and you both cherish and protect that feeling.

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