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Moon conjunct Saturn

Subtle control

Kelli Fox

The attraction between you runs strong and deep, and could take on somewhat overwhelming proportions. Your lover exerts a certain amount of control over your behavior -- subtly or more forcefully influencing how you dress, behave in public and so on. This lends the relationship more of a parent-child feel than that of two equals in love.

Obviously, this won't be the most fun or pleasurable aspect to deal with, though it could make you feel closely bonded together and mutually dependent on each other. This aspect stunts the emotional link between you; it may feel difficult to open up to your lover, as you feel afraid of criticism. Unless there are other aspects to warm up your connection, this is a troublesome influence to deal with. You might even end up wondering why you two are together, when you don't even seem to like each other the way you are! There is a component of guilt or obligation that holds you together, and that's not the best glue for a loving, healthy relationship; but this aspect also brings a level of security and loyalty to the relationship that you both feel better for relying on. You know that you can trust each other, and that will count for a lot.

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