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Moon conjunct Midheaven

Feelings and responsibility

Kelli Fox

Your partner is very affected by your emotional life and needs, to the point that they even make decisions about their work and career based at least in part on your feelings. Sometimes couples are unwilling to make any changes to their planned career paths, even in concession to someone they love, but your partner doesn't take that view of things. They're more than willing to adjust things to suit the relationship.

This could happen in a variety of ways: perhaps they accede to your wish to stay close to friends and family, and not look for a job that's far from home; or perhaps they cut down on the time they spend at work in order to make more time for the relationship, if you're feeling neglected. Or they could just place a lot of stock in your feelings and intuitions, and they use you as a sort of emotional guide whenever they make a career move. If this happens, you should both take the time to assess whether you're happy with the arrangement. Are you placing too much pressure on your lover to make decisions according to your emotions? On the other hand, this link between career and emotion could actually be beneficial to both of you. If your lover needs it -- such as if they have a stressful or demanding job -- they could become much more emotionally in tune with their work by taking cues and support from you.

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