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Midheaven trine Venus

Values and perspective

Kelli Fox

Your lover notices that you're a hard worker who has found success in your career, but you still might need a boost of creativity and optimism to inject your work with some freshness and fun, and that's just the kind of thing your lover is best at. Their natural energy is a huge inspiration in the way that you do your work, and you want to return the favor by inspiring them with your dedication and efficiency. But your lover, especially, is a big help to you.

If you have a career that demands public appearances, they're able to help you by being their charming and intelligent self when you're out with clients or potential investors. Their values as a person inspire you to be more conscientious and humane as a professional. Don't be surprised if you find that when you're together, things just seem to fall into your lap. You naturally draw positive, creative forces into each other's lives. You're both better off for this aspect, because your work is enhanced. You encourage each other to be more dependable, more understanding and more appreciative of the roles you each must fulfill in society.

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