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Midheaven trine Uranus

A new point of view

Kelli Fox

Your partner has a naturally progressive approach to life when it comes to career and social opportunities. They're used to getting out there and dealing with people, and presenting themselves and their talents as something that the world ought to be interested in. You, on the other hand, may not be as comfortable with doing this, but you get a crash course in Networking 101 with this person.

You focus together on blending their radical ideas with your traditional ones, to create a new way of doing things. Together, you're interested in casting off limits and finding ways to draw out the individuality that each of you possesses. If you have been conservative in the past about how you approach your business dealings, your partner encourages you to take more risks, because they show you the value of taking a chance. Good things happen when you take a chance, and learning to pick yourself up after a mistake is a great life lesson; these are the kinds of things that your partner naturally teaches to you, just by example. They show you how to get out there and make things happen, just like they do.

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