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Midheaven trine Saturn

A motivational influence

Kelli Fox

Your partner is actually able to help you be successful in your work or your public life, because of their own dedication to hard work. They're very productive in their own work and career, and they have a lot to offer you in terms of support, guidance and motivation to further your own career. They help you to be patient, instead of acting rashly; they help you to become a more reliable person, as they impress you with the idea that reliability is an important quality in a business partner or whatever you might be.

This person has a traditional view of the best way to achieve success; they believe in hard work and perseverance first and foremost, and they also believe in treating their clients or customers with the utmost respect. You see these qualities and values within them and you take them as inspiration for your own life and work. This person also tends to be realistic in their goal-setting, and they're able to help you figure out exactly what you can and can't reasonably accomplish. If they help you brainstorm for your work, they're able to help you fine-tune your business plan, as well as your plans for your general, long-term future. Actively motivating each other in these areas is very beneficial to both of you.

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