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Midheaven trine North Node

An unbeatable team

Kelli Fox

Your lover's path into the future runs along a similar track to your career, which is a good thing if you're going to get intimately involved. Paired up with other aspects that promote a long-term bond, this one could mean that you're really important in each other's lives, and that you grow as a couple instead of away from each other over time. If you integrate your ambitions, you can make a really strong team!

Your partner might have the social connections that you need to boost your career up to the next level, and you might have the knowledge and experience that can inform their path into the future. You both want to accomplish something big, and through the relationship you share with each other, you each get a lot closer to your goal than you might have on your own. In general, feel free to let your lover get involved with your career or your important work, and give them any advice you might have about their path into the future. It works out wonderfully for both of you to take a personal interest in the work that the other does or in the direction they're headed in life.

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