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Midheaven trine Neptune

A wider perspective

Kelli Fox

Your lover's imagination has a tremendous effect on your work, because they inspire you to take a more compassionate view of the world in your business dealings. You want to be a success in your chosen field, to have a great public reputation, of course; who doesn't? And you've followed a certain path up till now, in getting where you want to go.

But after having met your partner, your ideas could really change. They just naturally have a highly compassionate and humanitarian perspective, and they remind you that there's room for that viewpoint, even in business. They help you shift your ambitions off yourself and onto the greater good, the world at large. You begin to conduct your business affairs with the idea in mind of making the world a better place to live in, rather than just making a buck or even making a name for yourself. And it is because of the love and understanding and support that you receive from this person! They crack open your heart and find the warm, sweet stuff inside, and they change your life for the better, forever -- even if your bond is just short-term.

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