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Midheaven trine Midheaven

Aim for the stars

Kelli Fox

You motivate each other to strive harder and reach higher in your career goals than ever before! Your ambitions are similar, though probably not exactly the same -- and it's that shade of difference that makes this work so well. Your ideas about your roles in society are complementary, so you're able to work together toward your goals instead of doing it all on your own, as you may have done before.

It's nice to have a buddy along your road of life, and that's what you find in each other -- someone who's serious about their career in the same way you are, who considers their reputation in a similar way to you. Obviously, this influence could support a long-term bond, so if other aspects between you speak to a commitment or an ongoing connection, don't be surprised if this turns out to be someone that you know for a long, long time! They're definitely someone that you're able to relate to on an important level.

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