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Midheaven trine Jupiter

Find your success

Kelli Fox

Your partner's natural sense of how to grab hold of opportunities that arise in their life is very beneficial and inspiring to you; your career somehow gets a boost from their unique perspective on things. You want to be successful in your work, and they actually are able to help you with that, either directly or indirectly. They may just have a new way of looking at your work or your role in society that you never thought of, and in telling you how they see you and your work, you get a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

They validate your sense of yourself as a successful person with an important career, and that really helps you to move forward and to seize any opportunities that arise. They might even help you out by introducing you to important people who help to further your career along, or by talking you up to everyone they meet; but it's most likely that their own natural qualities -- their enthusiasm, their optimism, their intelligence and understanding of how the world works -- simply inspires and educates you, and helps you to grow into an even greater success than you already are.

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