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Midheaven square Uranus

Need to blend styles

Kelli Fox

You have always relied on a conservative approach to getting things done: You believe in hard work and discipline, in setting goals and then making a plan to reach them. That method has worked for you in the past and it has taken you where you are today. You should get ready to have all those good, well-founded ideas shaken up, because in this person, you've found someone who flies in the face of convention!

The two of you are like opposite sides of a coin when it comes to your goals and ambitions in life -- you want to follow a carefully planned path, while they like to lead with their gut, following where the impulse moves them. They're not afraid of plans changing on a whim; spontaneity is their watchword. Being involved with someone who has such a conservative, traditional approach could be quite an adjustment for them. For you, having a lover who operates so much on idealism and rarely on experience or knowledge might become really irritating! But if you try, you two stand to learn a lot from each other. Spontaneity can often lead down blind alleys to a dead end. Adopting some of that careful planning ethic helps to avoid getting into things that just aren't going to work out. And planning things too much can also be a drag; sometimes it's good to just act, and see where it takes you. Blending your styles is difficult, but ultimately beneficial.

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