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Midheaven square Pluto

Taking advantage

Kelli Fox

You want to achieve some kind of status within society; you want your work to succeed, to gain recognition, so you've worked hard and put yourself out there, and that's normal and natural. But in your relationship with this person, they might end up pushing things beyond what's most natural to you. They have a subconscious urge to control you -- to push you to bigger things because they want the notoriety, disregarding what you might want.

They also might look at the successes you have accomplished and glom onto you in order to use your contacts or your experience for their own gain in their career. Of course they don't start the relationship with any ideas of taking advantage of you; it is a slow process and a subconscious one. They might start to notice that you have business contacts that would really benefit them, or that you could really advance their cause if only you'd speak about it at your next function... And that's when the trouble starts. They could make you feel as if they're just using you, and maybe, on some level, they are. Pooling your resources and supporting each other's causes should be an act of free will, not the result of coercion, obligation or manipulation. Keep that in mind as you blend your lives together and depend on each other more.

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