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Midheaven square North Node

Two different paths in life

Kelli Fox

Can you give your lover the space they need to move in the direction that's right for them? That is up to you, and up to the other aspects influencing your relationship. This is an important issue that comes up again and again, because your vision of success and your lover's life path just don't match up.

You have two choices in how to deal with this: You can either struggle against each other and your lover can waste time trying to force, manipulate or charm you into doing things their way, which means ignoring your career and your dreams to tag along as audience to theirs; or you can each take a step back and do your own thing, and let your partner do theirs. This could be really hard, though, especially if your career takes off before your partner's does. You might start needing to travel a lot or be out in the public eye, and they could feel left behind, alone and neglected. The truth is, it is equally hard when you're both finding your success and moving forward into your futures, especially if you've fallen in love with each other -- because it might be very difficult to find time to just get together, relax, enjoy each other's company and nurture the relationship. So what's most important to you -- the relationship or the career? Make the choice, and then set that as your first priority -- and make the other a close second.

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