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Midheaven square Neptune

Nose to the grindstone

Kelli Fox

Your lover has a challenging, troubling influence on your work and your role in society, but part of the problem is that this influence is so subtle! If you start to notice, through the course of your relationship, that your efforts to achieve your goals have become sloppier, less focused, less directed, take it as a sign that some adjustment needs to be made. Each of you has had to plan your lives and organize your work in the way that works best for you, but when you get together, all that planning and organization could fly out the window, especially for you.

Your partner unintentionally has a chaotic effect on your organizational skills; for one thing, the emotional energy that is created within your relationship is fascinating and compelling to you, and you have a hard time pulling away from it in order to do your work. Suddenly, your goals could seem indistinct; you might start to wonder just what it is that you've been working so hard for all this time. Discipline could become a huge problem for both of you, and it takes a tremendous amount of willpower to get back on track.

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