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Midheaven square Jupiter

Your own path to success

Kelli Fox

As a couple, you want to help each other out, support each other's vision of the future and give each other the best advice you can about reaching your goals. This is a great and lofty impulse for a romantic relationship, but don't expect the best results. In fact, your lover might want to just keep their good advice to themselves and concentrate on the more romantic side of your connection.

The problem is, you've each got your own ideas about where you're going and how you're going to get there, and the advice you give each other might actually conflict with that vision. Your lover might go out of their way trying to encourage you to get more education, or to expand your circle of influence by introducing you to important networking contacts -- and then they stand by and watch you fail to take advantage of these opportunities. Instead of letting this damage their view of you and the relationship, they should really just back off -- which might be more easily suggested than achieved. You each have to find your own path toward success, and what works for your partner might not be the best thing for you. It might be best just to draw a distinct line between your intimate relationship and your careers.

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