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Midheaven sextile Saturn

Supportive discipline

Kelli Fox

You each have your own set of goals and ambitions for your life -- the roles you see yourselves fulfilling in the world, the work that is most important to each of you. Well, good news! This relationship gives you both a great deal of support for that work, and a healthy guidance to achieving your goals.

Your lover is a part of your life in a way that goes beyond simple romance; they actually help you to be successful in society. Discipline figures large between you; they encourage you to stay focused and to work hard. They tend to take a very traditional and hardworking approach to their career, and this approach is an inspiration to you. They foster a feeling in you that success is something to work toward slowly but surely. Neither of you wants to be a flash in the pan; you want your skills to find their home, your efforts to bear fruit. You're able to guide each other toward these kinds of goals; you help each other to be realistic in your setting of goals, and to work hard in achieving them. Talking openly about these subjects is very beneficial to both of you.

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