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Midheaven sextile Neptune

A humanitarian perspective

Kelli Fox

You may always have had career goals that are focused and ambitious, but in this relationship, you should prepare to have them softened and refocused for the greater good. Your lover brings not only their imagination to the mix, but their innate sense of compassion; they encourage you to make career moves that benefit not only yourself, but also whole groups of people (or animals, or the environment, or what have you). Suddenly, you find that your lifelong desire for personal success has morphed into a desire for understanding of yourself and the world around you, and your essential place in it.

This is not to say that you lose sight of the goals that have been so important to you for so long; it's more that your goals widen and mature. You would definitely do well to allow your lover to have this influence on you. They bring you a more humanitarian or global perspective that can round out the hard edges of your ambition. They help you to grow spiritually. Even if they're only in your life for a short time, they leave their mark on your consciousness. You should be sure to stay open to their influence, because you stand to gain so much if you do.

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