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Midheaven sextile Moon

Each other's cheerleader

Kelli Fox

Whereas some couples have opposing needs when it comes to intimacy and ambition -- one needs a lot of attention in order to feel loved and cared for, while the other needs to spend a lot of time attending to their career, and the two needs directly conflict -- you two don't have that problem. Quite the opposite: your lover identifies to a large degree with your work, and as a result they're very emotionally supportive of your career and ambitions. They help you to achieve your goals by giving you a big emotional boost of encouragement and willpower whenever it's needed.

Any tension that you feel over your career or your public responsibilities -- for example, if you have to give public presentations or host social events for clients -- is much alleviated by your relationship with this person. They're the one you come home to and unload on -- and not in a bad way, but a wonderful one, a way that builds your trust in each other and your wish to depend on each other. If one of you has a powerhouse-type career, it's very possible that you two end up working together on some scale -- even if it's just as teammates during those all-important social-networking get-togethers. You're a real team and you help each other go far in your careers.

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