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Midheaven sextile Midheaven

Shooting for success

Kelli Fox

You help each other to strive harder and reach higher in your career goals than ever before, by talking things out and offering each other great advice. You find that you have similar ambitions, and similar ideas of your individual roles in society -- and for that reason, you're able to help each other map out a plan for getting things done and advancing in the way that's best for you. You might work in similar fields, or in different areas of the same field; but even if you have completely different jobs, in some important way, you're aiming for the same goals.

Communicating about these subjects is a big part of your bond, and one that gives both of you a lot of pleasure and energy. You genuinely want to help each other to find the success you've both always wanted; you take a real interest in each other's lives even outside the romance you share, and you're always willing to lend each other an ear when you or your lover want to talk about problems at work or strategies for success. Networking within each other's pools of resources is especially favored, if it's possible. Introduce each other to the people who have been instrumental in the realization of your own career goals; you likely find that your own heroes help out your lover, too.

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