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Midheaven sextile Mercury

A think tank

Kelli Fox

Public success is an important part of your career, and your lover is able to offer you good advice about how to achieve that success. You two start out as lovers, but this person quickly becomes involved in you and in shaping your path toward success. You just really connect on that level; they identify with your public reputation in some way, and especially if the two of you are involved long-term, they love to play the role of your coordinator -- putting together dinner parties with important clients or other associates, and bonding together as a unit in public to put on a good face for the world.

Your lover takes your ambitions on as their own personal cause; they know just what you need to achieve your goals, and how you should go about doing it. You talk a lot about your goals and you help each other develop a viable game plan. Networking is very effective as a couple; you introduce each other to important people and offer behind-the-scenes advice. Even if you don't have careers in similar fields, you still have a lot of commonality and mutual understanding when it comes to your ambitions. You're able to offer each other sound, practical advice, and you might even become each other's spokesperson in some way; your lover helps you to make a great impression and learn how to talk to the right people in the right way.

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