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Midheaven sextile Mars

Energetic support

Kelli Fox

Whatever your important work may be, it gets a boost through your relationship with this person. They cheer you on and bring a level of enthusiasm to your life regarding your work that you might not be able to drum up on your own. What a great benefit of a romantic connection, when it can extend to at least one of your careers!

This person helps you to be more dynamic in your work efforts; they inspire you to roll with the punches, to change your techniques if need be, and most of all, to push forward constantly. After all, you can only achieve success if you try -- if you really apply yourself. There's something to be said for long hours and dedication, but there's also plenty of value in a burst of energy and creativity, in tackling your work with passion. And a healthy competitive edge never hurt anyone who was trying to achieve their ambitions! This relationship brings all that and more to each of you, but especially to you. Your partner supports you by being your best teammate. You both have a lot of passion about your work that is only enhanced by this aspect, and by your connection with each other.

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