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Midheaven sextile Ascendant

A career boost

Kelli Fox

You might want to extend your relationship from lovers to something more public, more networking-related, because you don't want to miss out on the opportunities this relationship reveals to you. The way that your lover leads their life naturally enhances and supports your needs in a public, social sphere. You need a boost -- you need to get out there, network with important people who can help to power your career forward -- and you find that this person is able to help you out a lot.

As long as you talk about your goals and aspirations with them, they're able to help you figure out how to achieve them. Maybe you both live life in the public eye to start with, so this networking, self-promotional persona isn't hard to slip into. Together, you're a powerhouse couple! You bring star power and glitz to any party or engagement you go to together. You chat up the VIPs and establish an easy rapport with each other and everyone else in the room. Your lover has a very natural and easy way of doing things that they're able to teach you by example -- a natural social grace and charm, an instinctive way of seeking out opportunities and grabbing hold of them. If they can motivate you to push yourself and reach farther than you thought you could, you both get the most out of this aspect.

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