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Midheaven quincunx Venus

Choosing between personal and career success

Kelli Fox

You really want to achieve success in the eyes of the world, and you're working hard toward that aim. With this person in your life, you try to stick to your goals, which is as it should be, but you should both be forewarned -- your methods of sticking to your goals probably puts a strain on this relationship that only increases over time. You might end up having to devote a little less time to your career goals and a little more time to the relationship if you want it to last.

And they, on the other side, might have to put up with frequent separations -- for example, if you travel a lot for your career. Even if you just have a job that demands that you go to functions where you chat up everyone but your date, it could be difficult for them to deal with. How is your drive to succeed going to affect your love life? If your lover asks to spend more time with you, that could feel like a burden on your shoulders -- but it could also be an important test of the relationship. If you two can't strike a balance, it might end up that you just weren't meant to be in the first place. If this relationship is important to you both, you definitely want to find a balance between work concerns and fanning the flames of your intimate connection.

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