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Midheaven quincunx Uranus

Your methods challenged

Kelli Fox

This aspect creates a problem between you, but one so subtle that you might not even notice it for a while -- or, with some luck and patience, it might never grow to anything more than a simple annoyance. The problem is that your lover has a lack of respect or regard for your goals and ambitions in life, the things you've been working hard toward for a long time. Is your approach too conventional for their tastes?

Too narrow-minded, too conservative, too boringly disciplined? For you, whose methods are being questioned or even pooh-poohed, this could become pretty annoying. You have good reasons for setting the goals you've set for yourself, and you have worked hard to make your ambitions become reality. Your lover's irreverent attitude and lack of respect for the things you find important hurts your feelings. But you can actually learn from this experience, too. What looks like a lack of responsibility could actually be a fresh, spontaneous perspective that could really liven things up in the way you approach your work. You should gently remind your partner that they ought to respect your methods and your goals -- and you should respect theirs as well. In fact, both of you must try to respect each other, and demonstrate that you support each other's efforts and ambitions.

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