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Midheaven quincunx Pluto

Hands off

Kelli Fox

Your lover might think that they're just offering support and good advice when they push you to get proactive about your career, but this could actually come across as too controlling. They might not even understand your work -- there is a disconnect between what you're actually doing, what's important to you, and how your partner perceives your work. They tend to misunderstand your motives and consequently, they give you advice that's moot.

This are like pressuring a scientist to advertise their findings when the study is only halfway complete -- it is just missing the point, and feels like unwelcome pressure. Instead of letting this happen, as it could end up damaging the feeling of support and trust between you, you should instead try your hardest to -- gently! -- convince your lover to take a hands-off approach to your career. Let them know you ask them for a shoulder or an ear when it's needed, but beyond that, you'd like to do it on your own. Try to let them know what you're working on and why. Beyond that, it's hands off!

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