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Midheaven quincunx Neptune

How to live fully

Kelli Fox

You have set goals for yourself, and you've been working toward them, hard and steadily, all your life. You have well-defined ambitions and expectations of yourself in terms of success, but when this person entered your life, they may have set all that on its end and uprooted everything. Part of the problem is that, at least outwardly, they're much less directed than you are.

Maybe you're the type of person that really wants to make a name for yourself, while this person is content with being unknown in the world, doing their important work behind the scenes. Or maybe they just haven't quite decided on what it is that they want to do, while you know very well where you're headed and how you're going to get there. Either way, your partner's natural spiritual beliefs makes it nearly impossible for them to understand your work or career goals. This could be a problem of materialism versus spirituality -- if you're working hard toward financial stability, for example, while your partner believes that to be a trivial, meaningless goal in the face of more human, emotional pursuits. Treating your goals and beliefs as trivial doesn't make either of you feel good. If you two want this to work long-term, you both have to find a way to accept your differences in this arena, and to try to understand each other better.

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