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Midheaven quincunx Moon

Hurt feelings

Kelli Fox

Your lover isn't able to be very supportive of your career, and that could really hurt your relationship, especially if the work you do is very important to you. Some people just have a job -- work that they do that they like well enough, but mainly it's to pay the bills. Other people have careers, and they involve preparation, hard work, long hours and dedication.

An intense job can definitely get in the way of a romantic relationship, however. This kind of emotional struggle between you only gets more pronounced over time. After a while, the tension is too thick to ignore. You mention needing to take a client to dinner, and your lover gets that look -- the look that lets you know just how displeased they are. Or you tell your lover you need to take yet another business trip, and their heart squeezes painfully. The bad news for your partner is that they're the one who has to make most of the adjustments, adapting to your demanding career as best they can. After all, this career is something that has happened through a lot of hard work and planning, and if it were to come down to a choice -- 'It's us or your job!' -- odds are, the relationship is the dead weight that is cut first.

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