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Midheaven quincunx Ascendant

Public and private needs

Kelli Fox

The awkwardness of this aspect tends to affect business partners more than romantic ones, so as long as you two don't end up working together, you might not have much to worry about. Even if it does affect your relationship, it isn't such a big deal, but more of an irritation. A public, social life is a big deal to you, but not necessarily to your lover.

Maybe you have a job that puts you out in the spotlight or requires you to do a lot of networking, marketing, promotion and so on. For your partner, those things aren't as important, and their whole approach to life on a day-to-day basis might actually be quite different from that sort of lifestyle. Therein lies the irritation. You each might start to feel like the other is insensitive to your needs, because you have conflicting ones. You're trying to create a successful public life for yourself, and you want support and companionship along that road -- but you might find that your partner is unwilling or just unavailable, and that could be a letdown. They want to go about their daily life in the way that they're used to, the way that they know how, in peace and quiet -- but you have all these needs and stipulations all the time! These aren't insurmountable problems, luckily. With good communication and a willingness to compromise on both your parts, you should be able to adjust things to be comfortable for both of you.

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