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Midheaven opposite Venus

A sense of common experiences

Kelli Fox

Though of course you connect as lovers, this person's attraction for you could have roots in a feeling that's both spiritual and nurturing, because they truly understand your emotional needs on a very intimate level. They're tuned in to your family or close friends from the start; either they meet them right off, and instead of being an intimidating or tense experience, it feels like something clicking into place, on both sides; or they help you to bridge any gap there might be between you and your family -- a gap created through time, space, hurt feelings or what have you. This person might help you to create a family tree, to negotiate disputes, or they might even just spend time listening to you talk about your childhood, about your relations who might not be here any longer but who still live large in your memories.

They understand where you're coming from perhaps better than your other friends can, because there is a real feeling of commonality between you -- even if you come from different cultural backgrounds or upbringings. Your lover just gets what you need to feel loved and supported. Needless to say, if your relationship is long-term and intimate, this aspect greatly supports that energy and bond.

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