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Midheaven opposite Sun

Finding your roots

Kelli Fox

Even if you tend to be a hard worker who doesn't focus on the home or your emotions very much, this relationship changes that about you, subtly but surely. You develop an important intimacy with each other that helps you, especially, to express yourself as an individual within the relationship. You have a tight and deep bond that serves as the platform for closely exploring each other -- including your pasts.

Your lover probably turns you on to examining your heritage and your ancestral legacy. They help to root you in a wider appreciation of life, one that connects the past to both the present and the future. Together, you focus on creating a secure home environment that is a safe harbor for each of you. That work that's always been so important to you? It is enhanced by everything you learn from this person, because they help you to bring your life back into balance. Work and love, family and social responsibilities are all brought into line through your association with them. This aspect definitely supports a long-term bond if your relationship goes that way, especially since it supports creating a warm, intimate and secure home life.

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