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Midheaven opposite North Node

Past links to the future

Kelli Fox

Your lover's future and your past are linked, and vice versa -- as you find out. Something in your roots, where you come from, your ancestry, perhaps, ends up being closely linked to where your partner needs to go in life. You learn a lot from their stories of their childhood or their family, going back into the generations, and you are somehow able to use this to your benefit in your work.

Talking about your pasts and about your goals in life is really important, especially to you, because together you discover things you'd never have thought of on your own. This could even be as direct as you finding fulfilling work with your lover's family's business, or writing a story about someone from your lover's life; or it could be as indirect and complex as them identifying with your past experiences and using the lessons you've already learned as a guide for their own progress forward in life. But in some way, you two should definitely talk things over, past, present and future. You find that you have a lot to offer each other.

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