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Midheaven opposite Neptune

Letting your hair down

Kelli Fox

Even if there are other more challenging aspects between you, this one goes a long way toward mitigating that difficult influence, because it creates such a deep emotional connection, understanding and support. If there are already plenty of aspects to support a big love between you, this one only heightens it! Your lover treats you with a great deal of compassion, especially in the private realm.

They instinctively understand your needs at home -- how you need to feel comfortable and safe, how you need to be treated in order to feel loved and supported. They provide those things for you almost effortlessly. Even if it does require effort on their part, they're willing to do it, because they really care for you. They want you to feel good, and they know the favor is returned. They could even feel as if your pasts are entwined, especially if you came from similar backgrounds. There is a sense of emotional commonality between you, and you don't expect more of each other than either of you can deliver. As a result, you both feel as if you can relax in this relationship, and be yourself. Forgiveness, tenderness and compassion reign. If you live together, your lover creates a home that is a haven for you both.

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