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Midheaven opposite Midheaven

A mirror to your future

Kelli Fox

When it comes to the work that's most important to you, whether that's your career or the societal role you see yourself fulfilling, you two are moving in opposite directions. This sounds divisive, but it could actually work out well for both of you, because where one of you is headed, the other has already been. Obviously, there is a wealth of knowledge available to you if your lover is willing to talk about it!

That, of course, depends on other aspects between you -- how easy it is to communicate with each other, how willing you are to support each other and offer the best advice you can. You're both able to find success by seeking out your lover's most personal experiences. You identify with each other's pasts as your own futures, and as long as you keep things in perspective -- meaning, remember to stand on your own two feet and don't expect things to be a stroll down Easy Street, just because your lover has been there before -- you both accomplish wonders through your association with each other.

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