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Midheaven opposite Mercury

Understanding your lover

Kelli Fox

You enjoy a natural, intimate familiarity with each other that enables your lover, especially, to intuit your deepest needs for security and emotional support. Even if there are needs that you've always had trouble putting into words, this aspect between you makes words unnecessary to a large degree -- you just have a feeling about each other, and a romantic urge to act on it. Most times, you find that you were right!

You love to spend time together talking about your families and your pasts, and this helps your lover to develop a picture of you -- of what kind of upbringing you had, of what experiences led to the kind of person you've become today. They could even take such an interest in your past that they help you do a genealogical search, create a family tree, or gather stories from your older relatives. This kind of project is a really fun one to do together, and it brings you closer as a couple. This aspect also opens the paths of communication between you, helping to ensure that any disagreements that might come up are solved with compassion and understanding. Needless to say, if your relationship is long-term and intimate, this aspect greatly supports that energy and bond.

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