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Midheaven opposite Mars

Interference on the home front

Kelli Fox

Your lover brings a lot of natural energy and enthusiasm to this relationship, but it isn't always welcome or beneficial to either of you. They might stir up trouble with your family if their high energy puts family members on guard. And could all that energy actually be a ploy to get your attention on your lover, where they want it, instead of on your family?

If jealousy rears its ugly head, you'd do well to remind your partner that they shouldn't compete with your family and best friends for attention -- nor should they have to. Are they creating the problem, or responding to something that's really there? Their high energy could also become a problem for you if they poke and prod too deeply into your personal life. Sometimes people just want their privacy to remain undisturbed! On the more positive side of this aspect, you likely have a hot and active physical connection that is a real draw for both of you. Even when you're annoyed with each other, you aren't able to keep your hands off each other! Your lover probably uses that bond to try to keep you at home and intertwined, instead of off doing the things you need to do, like working and maintaining your other relationships. This one is all about balance. Are you able to figure it out in a way that satisfies both of you?

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