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Midheaven conjunct Sun

Focusing your talents

Kelli Fox

Your lover's presence in your life helps you to find the role in society that's right for you. Somehow, they open you up to new opportunities; maybe they introduce you to influential people who can help you get where you're going, or perhaps they help you to define your role in the world better than you've ever expressed it before. You each have something unique and valuable to contribute to society, and this relationship helps you to focus on that, and to develop it within yourself.

Your partner inspires you by being themselves, and by focusing on their own role in the world; they serve as an example to you in terms of what's possible and what's important. You might follow in their footsteps, at least energetically if not in the actual work that you each end up doing for the world. They are particularly inspiring to you in the way that they handle themselves in public and how they conduct themselves socially and in business, and you really draw a lot of good information and technique from that. Even if you have always tended to hang back and reserve your energies, this relationship teaches you to be comfortable with taking a more public role and offering your talents to the world for the greater good.

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