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Midheaven conjunct Saturn

A focused effort

Kelli Fox

This aspect doesn't contribute to any feeling of whimsy or romance between you -- quite the opposite, in fact -- it adds to the solidity of the foundation of your relationship. In fact, if there aren't many aspects between you to promote a romantic bond, you might actually do better as business partners, because this aspect really brings you in tune on that level. This person helps you to focus on your ambitions and map out clear, logical plans for how to achieve them.

When you're together, you both focus on progress and success; a lazy or undirected approach just isn't good enough. This person inspires discipline and responsibility in you by bringing their own to the table, and they also help you to access the patience you need to take things one step at a time. Because while this aspect is all about hard work and not stopping until you reach success, it's also about conserving energy and taking only calculated risks. In essence, this aspect lends your relationship a very sensible mindset. Your partner focuses on their work, on contributing to society and on succeeding professionally. They could be a bit hard on you, because this aspect promotes a certain seriousness and dedication that is somewhat demanding. So they should find a way to give you positive feedback along with the criticisms. It has a much better long-term effect.

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