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Midheaven conjunct Midheaven

Similar goals

Kelli Fox

You might not have the same job exactly, but your roles in the public sphere are very similar. The work that is most important to each of you runs along similar tracks, and you're able to inspire each other -- as long as you can avoid being competitive! A little bit of healthy rivalry is a good thing; it sparks you both up and inspires you to work harder and better, and you have fun with some friendly competition.

Just take care not to let things go too far, especially if there are other aspects between you that would encourage excessive competition or jealousy in a professional sphere. It can be difficult to have such similar goals and ambitions, but it can also be a huge relief. You really understand where each of you has been, where you're both headed and what you need to do to get there. It's also likely that your similarities extend outside the professional sphere. It's possible that you've had similar pasts or upbringings, because somehow, you've settled on similar ideas of what's important in life and how you're going to make your own lives a success. As long as it doesn't serve to exacerbate other aspects between you that can increase your feelings of professional jealousy or competitiveness, this aspect should lend your relationship a deep layer of respect and commonality that only adds to the stability of your foundation.

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