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Midheaven conjunct Mars

An energetic boost

Kelli Fox

This person offers you a major, energetic push when it comes to your career! They're like a cheerleader and drill sergeant in one when it comes to motivating you; their own natural energy inspires you to push forward and achieve even the loftiest of ambitions, and they also inspire you with a single-minded drive of their own. Their enthusiasm and natural initiative encourages you to incorporate some of that drive in order to succeed professionally.

In fact, you'd make a great professional team -- as long as you're able to avoid being overly competitive with each other. If other aspects between you promote competition and jealousy, this one could underscore that, but it doesn't have to be that way. This aspect has a lot more to do with taking care of business in the public sphere than with anything private, intimate or romantic; you have to rely on other aspects between you to provide that kind of feeling. This aspect is all about professional success and getting things done. If you can team up in your efforts, you, especially, are even more successful than you might be on your own, because this person offers you such a strong, energetic push in a public or career-related sense. They encourage you to think in an enterprising, creative way; they draw out your most dynamic ideas. They promote you -- and take part in all the spoils of your success.

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