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Mercury trine Uranus

Changing the world

Kelli Fox
Mercury trine Uranus

Mentally, you work in tandem, each bringing your own unique cognitive gifts to the table. Your methods of thought, intuition and understanding are complementary. Your lover is more intuitive while you're more logical, for example; you possess experience and they have the vision to put it to use.

You each know instinctively just how to combine those strengths to their greatest effect. For this reason, you would do well in business together or launching a creative project, but even if your relationship just stays within the realm of the personal, you can feel the positive influence of this aspect. You work, play, study and socialize together, and enjoy nearly every minute of it! But you have such a great, creative, innovative meeting of the minds that you might not want to waste the opportunity before you. You could change the world together, if you wanted to; how you do it is up to you. Will you simply try to continue to have a really good, mutually satisfying romance? Will you dream up an enterprise and set out to make it become a reality? Or will you go so far as to take your combined philosophical ideals and put them into practice? This aspect would be as useful for starting a soup kitchen to feed the homeless as it would be for painting a mural together on the side of your house. Basically, whatever you can dream up together, you can make a reality. It's all up to you.

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