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Mercury trine South Node

On a mental par

Kelli Fox

You two talked up a storm right from the get-go, and you still do. You give each other a lot of space for your individual opinions; you are not scared by intellectual differences. In fact, you're invigorated by them!

And you're attracted to each other for your minds, for your easy mental connection that feels as if you've known each other forever. Even disagreements are interesting and fun, because you both recognize that you're getting to know each other and talking out your lives. That feeling of familiarity, of a deep, natural connection? It could be that you knew each other in a past life, and you supported each other intellectually then, encouraging all of your best ideas to come to the fore -- even if they were unpopular or seemed outrageous. That same energy has come back in this life. Especially if there are other aspects between you that facilitate communication and self-expression, this relationship is all about your intellectual bond and that feeling of natural closeness that's been apparent from the start. Even if you don't end up being romantically involved long-term, this bond between you is such a great foundation for a relationship that you might be able to be friends.

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