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Mercury trine Moon

Agile communications

Kelli Fox

This aspect enhances your communication and helps to mitigate the effects of other aspects that exist between you that might be more troublesome. Your partner connects quickly and easily with you on an emotional level; even when you're not communicating verbally, they tune right in to you and understand your moods instinctively. They also offer you some very real, active support and guidance on an emotional level.

For example, you should discuss your dreams together in the mornings -- you will find that your lover has some very savvy interpretations of the emotional meaning and symbolism of your subconscious mind! This kind of creative, intuitive connection could actually be put to use on a larger scale, with some focus and determination. With the sort of bond that you two share, you could take on a creative project or even start a business. Even if you don't undertake anything so grand as that, you feel the positive effects of this connection. You work well together as a team because of it, which lends itself well if your relationship becomes a long-term one. Even if it's short-term, you both enjoy your lively conversations and you appreciate the feeling that you're truly understood on a deep level.

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