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Mercury trine Mercury

Familiar territory

Kelli Fox

You two think about things in similar ways, which is a great basis on which to develop a relationship. Even if you have different opinions on the movie you just saw, on the politics of the moment or whatever else, you have a great time debating the sides of the issue. You love picking each other's brains from the very beginning, and, you have come to depend on your lover's perspective.

Everything that happens to you, you want to talk about it with them first, find out what they think, tell them what your impressions are and so on. Even when your thinking is different, you complement one another well. You both feel as if you're on the same intellectual plane, or at least complementary ones. You don't worry about your lover's ability to understand something that you want to discuss, or that they're smarter than you. You both know that you're both intelligent individuals with your own mental strengths, and you love the way your minds work together. So don't stay on the superficial level. Go ahead and bring up controversial subjects; dig deeply into each other's minds, because that's a major strength between you and a point of connection.

Mercury trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

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