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Mercury trine Juno

Expressing yourselves

Kelli Fox

Your first phone call or date might have felt a little bit like a fun, flirty interview -- in a good way, don't worry! You just have an easy way of talking to each other about what you're looking for in a relationship, and you want to get that out in the open right off. You're in this for a good time, but you also want to build something great for your future; something that lasts and is really meaningful to you.

Well, good news -- this could be the very relationship you've been looking for all along. Great communication with a lover is really important to you, and it includes laughing at the same movies and jokes, talking about your feelings, your triumphs and your problems, supporting each other when you're feeling down, being there to celebrate when good things happen in your lives... and, of course, talking about the relationship and dealing with any problems that might come up. You're able to talk about all that and more in this relationship, and that is your real strength as a couple. Every relationship encounters problems; that's just the nature of trying to blend two different personalities. No matter how similar you might be, you'll inevitably hit snags, and that's when your great communicative connection takes over. Instead of making you feel alone and misunderstood, your arguments usually lead to feeling closer together as a couple and better understood as an individual. Bravo!

Mercury trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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